2011 Egg Drop Competition

Each year, before the start of the formal robotics season in January, the ISM team WE ROBOT holds an intra-school mini competition. This allows the team to communicate to, and generate interest among, students who may not be aware of what the Robotics Team is all about.

This year, the competition was an egg drop contest, with the goal being to see which student team could create a “contraption” that would allow them to drop an egg 5 times from a height of 7 meters without damage. The teams met on their own during the six weeks preceding the competition, designing, engineering, and building their entry.

The fourth place team was a new group entering the competition only 45 minutes before the start of the contest. Honorable mention went to Georgie Brattland, Tasia Lervik, and Sophie Sabbagh, whose team pulled together a contraption using tape, bubble wrap, plates, bread baskets and other items quickly located in the cafeteria and physics lab. They successfully dropped their egg three times before it broke. Third place went to Team 4 – Kadija Mohamed, Nadya Naumaan, Amal Quadri and Jessica Yeganeh. Second Place went to Team 2 – Aparaajita Balaji, Eric Geistfeld, David Steen and Anqi Wang, and First Place was awarded to Team 7 – Kirsten Johnson, Andrew Porter, Kassidy Rodriguez and Tamer Schiller.

Egg Drop rules