Summer Robotics Classes

Greg is hosting a summer robotics class July 9-13 and July 16-20. The classes will run from 12-4 each day, if you have any questions you can email Greg. (You do not have to sign up for the class, you can just show up on Monday)

WE ROBOT at RoboProm

Take a look at who was Prom King and the winning dance at Robo Prom in St. Louis this year at the FIRST Robotics Championship. Prom King in Action

About the 2012 FRC 10,000 Lakes Competition

Read about the 2012 FRC 10,000 Lakes Competition held March 29-31 at the Williams Arena, U of MN as reported in the The Pulse of ISM

Also, check out some detailed accounts of WE ROBOT 2705 at the competition on our Facebook page. Thank you, Dan P, for giving us a glimpse into the issues we tackled and transformations the robot underwent in three very intense days.

We’ll be posting photos of the competition soon.

Season 4 Videos

Check out the new videos for Season 4.

2011-2012 ISM WE ROBOT Business Plan

Thanks to our ISM WE ROBOTS Finance Committee, the 2011-2012 ISM WE ROBOT Business Plan is now available.  You can find a link to the Business Plan on the Sponsors page, the Starting a Team page, and also in the Financial Resources page.

Upcoming Events for 2011-2012 Season

September 19
Kick-Off meeting at 6 PM in the cafeteria

November 7
Intramural Competition at 6 PM in the gym

Consult ISM WE ROBOT Calendar for updates!

Team 2705 at Pre-Ship Scrimmage Photos

See Photo page. Photos courtesy of Elzbieta Haftek.

‘Twas the night before Pre-Ship Scrimmage – Feb 18

We had a great turnout on Friday to prepare for the Pre-Ship Scrimmage. The build session began at 4PM and ended a quarter till midnight. A big thank you to our mentors Art, Bob, Dan, Justin, Brad, Jarek and Elzbieta for staying till the end. Thanks to all our dedicated students who stayed way past 8 PM. GO TEAM 2705! Good luck at the scrimmage! Thank you to Elzbieta for these photos. More photos to come from the build session.

Photo Journal – Jan. 25

Eric’s Arm – Jan. 26

Eric makes progress with arm prototype.

Video courtesy of Bob Porter.

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