About WE ROBOT Team 2705

How it started

2010 Team 2705

In March 2008, my dad and I went to the FIRST Robotics competition just to see what it was. We had gone to Battle Bots competitions in the past and thought that this would be something to that effect. When we got there we were amazed at the number of fans at this event – ten times the number at Battle Bots. We watched for a good three hours on the last day. It happened to be the finals and were impressed by each team’s enthusiasm, energy, and passion for their robot, no matter how small the school. After the competition, my dad suggested to me that we should start one of these teams at school. Initially, I thought that it would be really difficult to get enough team members, but later to my surprise, we had an outpouring of support. I needed to curry some favor to try to get the idea off the ground, so I began with Dr. Rod Fisher, head of the science department, who was instrumental in its creation. Mrs. Sue Berg, school director, thought that it was a great idea for the school to participate in an activity that involves so many different areas of interest, such as engineering, programming, marketing, and many others. In the fall of 2008, the team began with 15 team members – 12% of our high school student body.